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Sonic the hedgehog nintendo switch case

Sonic the hedgehog nintendo switch case

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Transport case Switch Sonic.

Plan of Dr. Eggman to commit all kinds of ailments on your Nintendo Switch? Obtain a case that received the Sonic and Gang approval seal! "Jsaction =" Click: QTZ4NF, GFF3AC, TMZCFE; Contextmenu: nqw7te, qp7ld; Mouseout: nqw7te; Mouseover: QTZ4NF, C2AHJE "> This case protects your console from shocks, scratches and blows thanks to its exterior shell and its storage space for all your favorite games and accessories. Made from first quality materials, it is the ideal house for your Nintendo Switch.

  • >
  • designed and made by Numskull. /span>
  • understands Sonic, Tails and Knuckles on The front with the design "This is How We Roll".
  • Important bag, suitcase, backpack or small handbag.
  • accidental. The gentle interior lining offers a comfortable house and helps to avoid scratches.
  • Favorite games and will keep your safety console.
  • include compartments that at 10 Nintendo Switch cartridges and a zipped compartment for additional accessories.
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    Sonic the hedgehog

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