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HULK TELE key door

HULK TELE key door

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Marvel keychain ulk Deposler

Go home, take one of your favorite bottle drinks and relax with this official keychain HULK ! Equipped with a design based on hulk on a key keychain, that is An excellent collection object for the fanatics of super -hero to keep in their pockets, ready to be used at any time, anywhere. With a plaque with the character's logo, this is an essential collection object for fans of Marvel and avengers

  • Official product marvel
  • Designed and manufactured by Numskull designs.
  • Collection open-loving in the form of Key door
  • Fits any key game via its keychain
  • Open your favorite tasty drink at any time, anywhere
  • Symbol label hulk with "If found, return to Bruce Banner" on the back
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