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Ghostbusters Nintendo Switch Case

Ghostbusters Nintendo Switch Case

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Transport case Switch ghostbusters .

You may not be afraid of any ghost, but you should be afraid that your Switch be damaged by accidental shocks and blows! Fortunately, we have Switch case, with a sustainable outdoor shell which offers excellent protection against shocks, scratches and blows. Take advantage of the compartments that allow you to store your games and accessories switch favorites.

  • Official products ghostbusters .
  • Designed and developed by Numskull designs. li>
  • Includes a design inspired by the film franchise ghostbusters .
  • Forms perfectly in any small bag, suitcase, backpack or handbag.
  • offers excellent protection against any accidental fall. The soft interior lining offers a comfortable house and helps to avoid scratches.
  • The soft interior flap will protect all your favorite games and keep your safety console.
  • Includes compartments for up to 10 cartridges nintendo switch and a zipped compartment for additional accessories.
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