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Power Idolz



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Oh no, it looks like something strange has happened to Ghostbuster's retro VHS package! Not only has it grown arms and legs, it is now also able to charge your mobile devices wirelessly! Add to your geek collection and get fired up with this awesome series of high-quality collectible wireless charging stations, each featuring designs inspired by the retro packaging of your favorite movies, video games and TV shows.

*PLEASE NOTE: This product is compatible with brands such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and more. Please research your phones wireless compatibility before purchasing.

  • Official Ghostbusters product.
  • Designed and designed by Numskull Designs.
  • Highly detailed model of Ghostbusters retro VHS packaging with arms and legs.
  • Place it on your desk as a standalone model or use it to charge your mobile device.
  • Place your phone on the model and watch it enter character while keeping your battery topped up.
  • 10w fast charger for super fast charging time!
  • Compatible with most mobile devices that support wireless charging.
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